Successful Investing Is Like Landscaping

My favorite time of year is Spring.  After feeling cooped up inside all winter, my family and I can’t wait to start spending more time outside in the warmer weather.  And, after having watched a full Winter’s worth of HGTV and scouring the internet for its most eye-catching ideas, we begin to prepare our latest and greatest gardening and landscape plan of action! 

Enter August…. how did we get here?  We promised ourselves, before we invested time and money into our backyard, that this year was going to be different, this year we were going to be committed.  We would water, weed and care for our greenery.  And now suddenly it is August, and our backyard doesn’t seem to look a third as good as it did when we seemingly just finished our projects in the Spring!

We’re not lazy, we knew what needed to be done, but somehow we just got too busy.  After kids’ activities and long weekends spent traveling, the next thing we knew the backyard was an afterthought.  In retrospect, a little upkeep would have gone a long way for us.

I often talk to prospective wealth management clients who share a similar story with me. These people are very smart, have been successful in their careers, but also lead extremely busy lives.  They started by saving money and began managing their portfolios on their own with enthusiasm and excitement.  They enjoyed putting in the necessary time to perform their own research and monitor their holdings. 

Then time passed, and as their lives became busy, their enthusiasm began to wane.  Before they knew it, their family’s circumstances had changed and they were no longer confident in the strategy they were using or their ability to execute it consistently.

As professional money managers, our team spends each day maintaining client’s portfolios.  We believe in following a disciplined, process-based investment strategy to help position our clients to experience success over the long term.  We never get too busy and we don’t get distracted.  Enthusiastically tending to our clients’ needs is what we do!

Successful investing is in many ways like successful gardening.  It not only requires the enthusiasm to get started, but also regular and consistent maintenance.  If you feel that your portfolio may suffer from the same lack of attention that my backyard has, please consider reaching out to us to schedule a complimentary consultation.And who knows, maybe next Spring my family will even consider consulting with a professional landscape service……?

~ Mark Roda, AWMA®, CRPC®, AIF®