I Hate Flying

I hate to fly.

Yes, I admit it, I hate to fly.

If I am flying, it never fails, there will be turbulence.  I’m always so excited to get to my destination.  I board the plane, I endure take off, the plane climbs to 30,000 feet, we level off and everything appears to be smooth sailing…. 

Then it happens, a bang of the plane against an air pocket, the rumble of more, the feeling in my stomach as the plane seems to dive in mid-air.  I look outside and see the wings shaking while thoughts begin to rush into my head. “Is this supposed to be happening?”  “Were the pilots taken by surprise the same way we have been?”  I picture them scrambling inside the cockpit, radioing the nearest control tower for an emergency landing…. 

The lack of control is absolutely terrifying until I hear that familiar “ding” and then a muffled, “Folks, looks like for next 20 minutes things will be a little bumpy.  We’re going to increase altitude about 3,000 feet to find a smoother ride.  We’ll be back with you when it’s time to prepare for landing….”  

Amazing.  With just that one 10 second message, my nerves begin to calm.  This turbulence is temporary, it is normal for the wings to shake, and yes, we will make it safely to our destination.

As wealth advisors, we truly appreciate how uncomfortable investing through turbulent markets can feel to our clients.  We do understand how scary it can feel not to have control.  Our firm has decades of combined experience leading clients through rough markets and helping them obtain their long-term goals.  We understand just how valuable a little bit of communication can be in times of stress, and we know how to coach our clients through market ups and downs. 

If you think you’d like a little more control over your financial future, please consider reaching out to us to schedule a complimentary consultation. And just in case you might be wondering, the answer is yes.  I hate roller coasters, too!

~ Mark Roda, AWMA®, CRPC®, AIF®